Bordelon Marine: the Case Study

Bordelon Marine is a leading offshore and subsea support provider that operates in the Gulf of Mexico and internationally while offering a wide variety of services to numerous fields through their nine vessels.

Born out of the bayou and surrounding shipyard areas in Lockport and Houma, LA, Bordelon Marine has grown exponentially over the past 40+ years in their abilities and presence, therefore, elevating themselves to lead cheerleader popularity status in their industry. In that time, they established a personality consisting of equal parts “mom and pop business” and industrial corporation. The only thing left was to have their brand reflect the modernized company. Here is where the rebrand comes in. The rebrand shows a simple, Scandinavian-inspired design. As you view the website walk-through and other collateral, the blues and negative-space balance warmth and sleekness. The layout is standard and organized to make for easy navigation. Both of these elements cater to the target market visitors.

For the company personality, Bordelon Marine wanted to maintain a trustworthy and friendly one. It was of the utmost importance. The before-mentioned was achieved due to the imagery focus on the people throughout the site.

This combination of clean design and colorful photographs lies a happy medium of the new and improved look of Bordelon Marine.

For more, see or their LinkedIn

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