Pinky Promise Accessories: the Case Study

I first discovered Pinky Promise Accessories through Instagram. You know, you say “shoe,” and the phone is listening, and the next thing you know you are bombarded with shoe ads. One of these ads was for Pinky Promise Accessories. Having obviously fallen for it, I now present this case study project. The assignment was to rebrand a small company. I turned to Instagram since ads pop up every three or so posts while scrolling. Both desktop and mobile forms are included, as well as a social media ad campaign to further promote the business.

Pinky Promise Accessories is a small artisan boutique located in Athens, Greece, that specializes in shoes. Handmade, unique, leather shoes using varying quality materials such as embroidered trims, wedding lace, natural pearls, and crystals beads, creating fun and flirty shoes – and you know girls just wanna have fun in cute shoes! It is those exact fun and flirty moods, Grecian beach scenes, and hot pink that have influenced this rebrand and ad campaign. Pinky Promise has recently launched a bridal footwear line, which is the main subject of the featured products on the website as well as an inspiring theme for the ad campaign.

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