Senior Capstone

Senior Capstone is a true testament to a young, emerging designer’s skills. It requires endurance, problem-solving abilities, and constant acceptance of constructive criticism. The ever-daunting capstone project is the final bridge to gaining a degree.

As it became my turn to create a prompt for this project, I reflected back to my freshman year design course, Design 101. It was there I learned how shapes build the base of composition. As I progressed through the graphic design program, I learned that shapes, like most elements of design, have certain psychologies associated with them. Circles’ sphericity commonly means eternity, the universe, or mystery for example. I was drawn to the extensive meaning of the circle because it has been around forever, but it was the ancient Egyptians who first defined the shape as we know it today. My prompt was to learn how the history of the circle is still relevant in design today.  

The next thing to decide was how to portray my research through an appropriate design medium. I realized I was researching a circle’s history, and history can be visually represented in a museum. Museum exhibits are curated to display information and items of interest for the curious public. The circle became my interest for the capstone project, so I decided to create a museum exhibition.

The time-honored museum gift shop has served as a way for people to commemorate experiences through memorabilia. For The Circle: A Continuum exhibition, the gift shop offers the traditional collateral, but freshly designed for the unique exhibit. The merchandise here includes t-shirts, tote-bags, stickers, button pins, and postcards.

Postcards are a clever way for museum goers to take the art home. Not only postcards, but all gift shop merchandise is a way of having the museum visitors unwittingly assist in the advertisement of the exhibit.

The exhibition headers display the four installments of the The Circle: A Continuum, which are Birth, Life, Love, and Death as shown below and to the right.

The linked pamphlet describes further each section within the exhibit.

The online portion of this capstone project contains newsletters and a social media ad campaign promoting the new exhibit. An online platform can potentially reach and inform those who otherwise may not have known about their local museum’s new exhibition. The newsletters are for the invested, those who have subscribed wanting to be timely informed of new exhibits and other museum news and events. The social media campaign is to maximize interaction and engagement with the public. Ensuring the campaign encompasses the three major social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) will more likely reach people of various target markets and interests.

Below offers futher viewing of the newsletters.

 Thank you for touring through The Circle: A Continuum, a senior capstone project. 

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